The trendy Dream Downtown hosts a yoga and wellness fest

Party in crow pose? (Photo: Rima Rabbath)
Party in crow pose? (Photo: Rima Rabbath by Daniel Valdez)

Revelers may often be leaving Ph-D at the Dream Downtown during Sunday morning’s early hours. But on June 1, wellness seekers will also be arriving at the hotel for a different kind of party.

Glowing Now with Rima will be a full-day yoga and wellness event hosted by master Jivamukti instructor Rima Rabbath and Glowing Co., with lots of other brands and personalities represented. It’s just one more notch to add to the downtown hotspot’s healthy makeover, with the recent opening of Melvin’s Juice Box and introduction of weekly yoga and meditation classes.

In addition to two yoga classes with Rabbath (for a total of two hours and 45 minutes of yoga!), there will be a “handling change” talk and meditation by Wall Streeter-turned-monk Rasanath Das, plus “goal setting” presented by Lululemon, and lunch and juice from Melvin’s Juice Box.

And, of course, a hit-the-jackpot of a swag bag to continue your wellness journey at home, where green juice and luxe pillows may not be as abundant. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information or to purchase tickets ($180–200), visit

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