The ultimate dance cardio destination? Crunch!

The ultimate guide to Crunch's many cardio dance classes. From African to modern dance to reggae inspired, Crunch is your go-to gym for this fun workout.
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Dance cardio has become a fitness phenomenon. Combine hot choreography, fantastic music, and a kick-a$$ cardio workout—you’ve just burned 500-plus calories while having a blast. Did you know that Crunch is home to the city’s best variety of amazing dance-cardio classes? To prove it to you, Crunch is offering Well+Good readers a 5-day class pass.

Check out 2FLY (‘90s hip-hop awesomeness), Center Court Choreography with the Brooklynettes (for reals), X-Pole Dancing, and more. Take our tour of six of Crunch’s best dance cardio classes….

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Get Started
For ‘90s Flygirls

Inspired by the style, music, and moves of the ‘90s, this dance class feels more like a house party than a workout! Structured in an easy-to-follow format, you’ll combine signature moves you know and love like the Robo-Cop, Baller Drop, and more—all to your favorite ‘90’s hip-hop jams!

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Pon de FLOPon De FLO
No winter getaway in Barbados? Try the hot indoor substitute

Feel the ‘FLO’ in this Caribbean, Reggae-inspired dance class that incorporates high energy, easy-to-follow choreography with intense body strengthening moves. Set to a booming soundtrack, Pon De FLO encourages body empowerment and freedom all through dance!

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center court choreographyCenter Court Choreography with the Brooklynettes
You’re kind of obsessed with pro-sports dancers

This class takes the hot hip-hop moves from the Brooklyn Nets official dance team right off the court and brings them to this group fitness studio. You can learn the team’s smokin’ hot choreography from the actual Brooklynettes! Team jersey and hot pants not required.

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Photo: Adam Pantozzi


X-Pole DancingX-Pole Dancing
The sexy-moves boot camp you know you need

This challenging and sexy class, taught by XPERT Pole Fitness trained instructors, combines intense upper body and core strength, coordination, balance, and dance choreography that will turn even the shyest performers into toned and sultry vixens.

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African DanceAfrican Dance
A live drumming workout and a spiritual detox is your jam

Learn traditional African dance moves to the beat of live drums! Simple choreography and with fun, challenging moves that require strength and stamina make this class a sweaty blast.

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The Hot Seat 
Ever since you saw “Cabaret” and “Chicago”…

Sit and spin in this sexy dance-aerobics class where your only props will be a chair and a smile. You’ll tone your legs, butt and core while working out alongside your four-legged partner, the strong, sturdy, silent type.

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