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The Vegetarian Times’ Foodie Awards are out. Will you shop for the winners?

Use the Vegetarian Times' 2011 Foodie Awards to separate fab faux faves from the flavorless among vegetarian food choices. Handy for your next visit to Whole Foods!

shoppingAh, the woes of vegetarian grocery shopping.

Which frozen veggie burger won’t fall apart as soon as it hits the pan?

Which raw snack mix doesn’t taste like cardboard?

Enter Vegetarian Times’ 2011 Foodie Awards, debuting in the magazine’s October issue and available online.

The awards take the guesswork out of grocery choices by recommending favorites in popular vegetarian food categories, like condiments, kefir, and gluten-free beer. (That last one must have been a real burden for the magazine. Hic.)

Staffers picked 114 products in 26 categories and readers then voted on their favorites.

This could speed up your next Whole Foods visit: Keep the list tucked in your purse next to your Dirty Dozen list, and you’ll never end up with a tasteless vegan cheese rotting in your fridge again.