The Week in Wellness: Clean Plates debuts a cookbook, RIP Ravi Shankar, and more

We’ll keep you in-the-know with this weekly round-up of the most important wellness news.

Don’t be the only one at the office this week who doesn’t know which new fitness studio just opened (and is flooded with celebrities) or where that new vegan sushi hotspot is.

We’ll keep you in-the-know with this weekly round-up of the most important wellness news—including fitness and yoga studio openings, celeb juice cleanses, better beauty news, and more:

Jared Koch’s healthy dining guide, Clean Plates, debuted its very own cookbook. The Clean Plates Cookbook includes recipes from Jamie Oliver, Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony, and other clean-cooking celeb chefs.

The yoga (and larger) world said goodbye to famed sitar master Ravi Shankar, the legendary Indian musician credited with bringing classical Indian music to the West (and influencing the Beatles).

Popular cardio dance and toning trainer Mahri Rehlin announced a new home for her Body Conceptions classes. Rehlin will be offering 60-minute Cardio Sculpt sessions at Dance New Amsterdam near City Hall.

AeroboxDespite what we told you last year, Michael Olajide’s Aerospace has not closed yet (and doesn’t seem to be closing any time soon). And the famed model trainer just released his first DVD set, “Aerobox: The System of Sleek,” with co-owner Leila Fazel, so you can experience his workout even if you can’t make it in to the studio.

Yet another fitness class booking site, Sportaneous, launched.  It will have to do battle with the slew of similar sites already out there, like Go Recess and Classtivity.

Fitist launched a “We Hate New Year’s Resolutions” intensive plan, with four weeks of classes, consultations with a Peak Performance trainer and a Fitist nutritionist, and weekly weigh-ins.

Reflections Yoga is hosting an Open House this Saturday to re-introduce itself as the “Center for Conscious Living.” Class with Paula Tursi will be followed by discussions, demos, snacks, and more.

New age spiritual leaders like Deepak Chopra, Shiva Rea, and Michael Bernard Beckwith are hosting Birth 2012, the antidote to the “end of the world” on December 21. Global events will be compiled into a webcast of meditations and prayers to encourage the “birth” of a unified, peaceful world.

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