The Week in Wellness: Lithe Method, vegan cocktails, and more

We’ll keep you in-the-know with this weekly round-up of the most important wellness news.

lithe method

Don’t be the only one at the office this week who doesn’t know which new fitness studio just opened (and is flooded with celebrities) or where that new vegan sushi hotspot is.

We’ll keep you in-the-know with this weekly round-up of the most important wellness news—including fitness and yoga studio openings, celeb juice cleanses, better beauty news, and more:

After a planned mid-fall opening that didn’t happen, Lithe Method, the cardio-cheer-based workout, announced it will start classes in February at its Flatiron studio and is now selling pre-sale class packs.

Bushwick’s Pine Box Rock Shop introduced an all-vegan cocktail menu, because apparently some liquors contain animal byproducts like bone meal or crushed -beetle extracts. On the menu: Vegan bacon vodka. Um, ew?

In yoga news, cozy lower East side studio Yoga High will be relocating at the beginning of February, moving just over 10 blocks from its location on Clinton Street to Forsyth and Grand.

Affordable downtown studio Yoga Vida announced class and package price increases effective January 1. Drop-in classes will now be $14, up from $12, although it’s still one of the city’s best deals.

And Alison West’s Yoga Union is now hosting (and selling) paintings by the artist Elizabeth Riggle, who is also a student.

Fitness icon Jane Fonda celebrated her 75th birthday, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Her newest yoga DVD, for boomers who are new to yoga, was just released.

Drybar’s new line of hair tools

A new study found that fatty and sugary foods cause chemical chemical changes in the brain, so that going on a diet (or just cleaning up what you eat) may feel similar to drug withdrawal.

Fitness fashion boutique Lole closed its tiny “showtique” on Hubert Street in Tribeca and said it will be moving to a new space in 2013, exact location TBD.

Drybar launched a line of yellow-branded styling tools, which, Racked appropriately notes, totally defeats the purpose of Drybar—AKA, having someone else give you a perfect blowout while you sip champagne.

In 2013, sparkling probiotic drink KeVita is rolling out a new beverage that’s an interpretation of the classic Master Cleanse, called “Daily Cleanse.”

An online library of streaming audio yoga and meditation classes debuted, called HitPlayYoga.

Tropicana is selling a new line of Farmstand juices that tries to “hide” vegetables within its fruit-heavy blend.

Social dining network Grubwithus is hosting Veg Month in January. The nationwide event will encourage diners to try vegetarian and vegan meals throughout the month.

And if your inbox is as full as ours this time of year you may have missed that, Well+Good launched our 2013 fitness and wellness trends. So now you’ll know what we’ll all be talking about in the new year.

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