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Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness tidbits, healthy hints, and new places and products that caught our eye. Happy Friday—and July 4th weekend!

Outdoor yoga addendum. Their plans weren’t in place in time for our Summer Wellness Guide, but YogaVida will be offering free yoga in Washington Square Park from 9:00-10:00 a.m. every Wednesday in July. Meet under the arch (BYOMat).

Do models sweat too? Everyone checks out the person on the bike next to them in spin class, but you might do a double take at SoulCycle’s Super Model Cycle on July 12th, where Victoria’s Secret models will be doing touch-backs alongside us people with more normal BMI. Prices are steep, but all profits go to cancer research. And hey, maybe more men will finally take up spinning.

Delivery, delivery. Not only can you get Greenmarket groceries and recipes dropped at your doorstep, but PureWow clued us in to this new service that will bring a pre-packaged picnic (filled with locally-sourced, artisanal foods) to your blanket in Sheep’s Meadow or a bench on the High Line.

Hamptons holiday tip. wellNEST, the popular health foods and vitamins boutique in Sag Harbor just opened a studio where they’ll be offering classes like Kundalini and Bhakti yoga, and meditation. Click here for the schedule.

Slow fast food? GOOD revealed Chipotle’s new plan to double their use of local-ish (within 350 miles) produce to 10 million pounds this year. Hey, they’re not serving green juice, but 40% of their beans are organic, and they’re also moving towards only using dairy from pasture-raised cows. Not bad for a company owned by McDonald’s. —Lisa Elaine Held