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The Week’s Top Stories: April 1-7

Photo: Puma
Photo: Puma

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

1. What’s your gut type (and how is it affecting your health)?

Like horoscopes, but for your health.

2. These are the Birkin bags of fitness fashion

You know that athleisure has struck a chord when you’re number 6,640 on the waitlist for a pair of fleece sweatpants.

3. Victoria Beckham’s (surprisingly relatable) morning workout

Morning runs and a veggie-heavy diet are key to the former Spice Girl’s health. Sound familiar?

4. Michael Pollan believes you should be eating more gluten (of a certain type)

Sounds a lot like In Defense of Bread

5. Here comes Queen Bey: Superstar’s activewear line Ivy Park launches April 14

Beyoncé’s new activewear line is perfect for all the sporty ladies.