The Week’s Top Stories: April 14–20

Playing catch-up? Here are the week's must-read stories you may have missed.

Top Stories Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read stories you may have missed.


Your Yoga Horoscope: What poses suit your sign
Diane Booth Gilliam’s new book “Yogastrology” rekindles the ancient connection between yoga and star signs in a modern way you can use on the mat.

Cheat Sheet: Spring detox
Behold five easy ways to spring clean your life—from your pantry to your pores.

5 pairs of new spring kicks for every workout
From added traction for mud runs to energy-boosting foam that rockets you towards the finish line, there’s a hot new pair of sneaks for you this spring.

5 tips for green drinks that aren’t always full of kale
Candice Kumai’s new book, Clean Green Drinks, is full of tips on how to make delicious, varied, culinary juices and smoothies. Starting with the greens.

Why your orgasms are nothing like your friend’s (and why that matters)
Stop listening to your friend who has “like seven orgasms” every time she has sex and keeps telling you to “just loosen up!” Here’s why.


Refrigerator Look Book: Jordan Brown
The Hu Kitchen founder’s fridge is really, truly, completely empty. Here’s what he does (and doesn’t) eat.

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Molly Guy
The Stone Fox Bride creative director who oozes cool shares her beauty picks that are as fresh and as unfussy as her bridal philosophy.

Kosher kale: The Brooklyn juice brand that has nothing to do with hipsters
Jewish mom Julie Maleh created a neighborhood green juice business that’s taken off in her tight-knit Brooklyn community—and now has four stores and counting.

Fitist ditches its booking platform to debut a fitness “collective”
The pioneering boutique fitness brand transitions its business to catch the next big thing.

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