The Week’s Top Stories: February 20–26

(Photo: Coty Tarr)
(Photo: Sumner Dilworth)
(Photo: Sumner Dilworth)

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.


Update: Another rape allegation against Bikram, and one case will go to trial
The latest happenings in the still-developing scandal surrounding Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury.

6 healthier popcorns to munch on during the Oscars
Trick out your (GMO-free) kernels with these inventive ingredients for the most delicious batch of popcorn ever.

4 ways to overcome criticism, from ballerina Misty Copeland
She’s heard every critique the ballet world had to offer, and still made it to the top. Here Copeland shares her advice for rising above it all.


The Meditation Generation
Why more and more stressed out young professionals are skipping happy hour in favor of sitting in stillness.

First Workout Report: Orangetheory wants you to feel the afterburn
The national interval-training franchise is focused on maximizing your EPOC, or workout afterburn, and appealing to those who aren’t necessarily fitness junkies.

The New York City workout born in a prison cell
Coss Athletics founder Coss Marte lost 70 pounds in six months while doing time for drug dealing. Now, he’s bringing his fitness method to the free world.


Refrigerator Look Book: Lorna Jane Clarkson
Find out why the fitness fashion mogul keeps so many coconuts on hand and prefers to eat based on how she feels.

This could be Los Angeles’ most coveted pedicure appointment
For its new non-toxic nail service, Olive & June taps exquisite indie beauty brands worthy of Los Angeles’ natural-leaning It girls and their feet.

See what’s in Oscar season’s greenest gift bag
While Oscar season is jam-packed with decadent events, this gala celebrates Hollywood’s cool, sustainable side.

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