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The Week’s Top Stories: February 27–March 5


Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.


How to get perfect posture, according to the Ken Doll of the fitness world
Jason Wimberly is way more than an oiled six pack. Here’s how to stand with the trainer’s level of poise and confidence, Barbie arches not required.

Tabata: What it really means
The trendy fitness term crops up in workouts from barre to boot camp—where it can be used incorrectly. An expert sets us straight.

2015’s Dirty Dozen: Your guide to the produce with the most (and least) pesticides
What you need to know about this year’s update to the Environmental Working Group’s list of foods that come with the most pesticide residues.


Recipe: The Fat Radish’s Kabocha Squash Soup
Until spring arrives, there’s this delish, seasonal soup to help you cope with winter’s chill, one yummy spoonful at a time.

Will fave indie brand Juice Press become a national chain?
The NYC juice company known for its downtown cool factor is expanding.

Inside Brooklyn’s amazing new Pilates-physical therapy center
Integrative wellness center Physio Logic is like a United Nations of wellness.


Why are people sipping mushroom tea?
Cup of ‘shrooms, anyone?

5 artisanal beauty brands grown in Northern California
Beauty companies are now creating luxe natural beauty products alongside the wineries of Napa.

The Sweat Series is coming to Los Angeles!
Save your Sunday mornings for us! Announcing the 2015 lineup of can’t-miss, complimentary workouts, taught by top Los Angeles instructors.