The Week’s Top Stories: January 16–22

(Photo: Vegan Richa)
(Photo: Vegan Richa)
(Photo: Vegan Richa)

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.


You need to see this empowering fitness video
This video showcases some pretty badass, sweaty women—and what workouts and bodies actually look like, not what they “should” look like.

This might convince you to skip alcohol for a few weeks
Sure, there are amazing health benefits to not drinking alcohol, but who knew it would only take skipping a month’s worth of happy hours to earn them?

9 healthy snack ideas (that aren’t carrot sticks)
Delicious, creative, and satisfying weren’t words people generally used to describe healthy snacks—until now.


Why more women are ditching the pill—and turning to “natural” birth control
If you’re great at following your iCal, this could be the perfect birth control method for you.

Mulberry & Vine and Mimi Cheng’s are now serving bone broth
Remember when we said this was going to be the wellness beverage’s big year? It’s happening even faster than we expected.

At Cafe Clover, each (delicious) dish is vetted by a nutritionist
The pretty new West Village eatery marks a coming together of New York City’s foodie and wellness worlds.


6 health rules raw-food guru Matthew Kenney lives by
When you’re a founding father of the American raw food scene, you learn a few healthy habits along the way.

The Well+Good map of Los Angeles juice bars. Updated!
Know your green juice geography—from Pressed Juicery in Brentwood to Moon Juice in Silver Lake.

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Valerie Grandury
For the French founder of Odacite and Detox Market—a woman who curates non-toxic beauty for a living—only pure and chic products will do.

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