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The Week’s Top Stories: June 9–15

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read stories you may have missed.
Well+Good Top Stories
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Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read stories you may have missed.


Dealing with the curse of adult acne
Sadly, pimples really never disappear for women. But you can absolutely tame the angry red bumps. A dermatologist, holistic facialist, and hormone expert explain how.

Refrigerator Look Book: Melissa Costello
This California personal chef and cleanse savant created a food program that celeb fitness guru Tony Horton swears by. Here’s a taste of what she’s cooking.

Now you can do yoga with Tara Stiles in your hotel room
The “rebel yogi” has partnered with W Hotels for an in-room yoga video and retreats to far-flung destinations.


SoulCycle takes its workouts off the bike
This summer, the cycling brand is offering full-body workouts off the bike at their East Hampton studio.

3 healthy summer picnics you don’t have to pack
These impressive, order-them-up picnic spreads mean you can take advantage of more summer relaxation time—and less kitchen time, just this once.

First Workout Report: Inside Exhale Flatiron and the new Core Fusion Extreme
The new studio is bringing big, explosive movements into the pretty toe-pointing barre world.