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The Week’s Top Stories: May 26–June 1

Top-StoriesPlaying catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read stories you may have missed.


7 sexy swimsuits that aren’t skimpy
Turns out, concealing is the new revealing. One-pieces and rash guards are making waves this season. See seven of the hottest.

How 13 star trainers take their workouts outside for summer
What outdoor workouts do fitness pros take up in summer? How about hitting the beach for sandbag workouts, park-bench pushups, and paddleboard yoga…

7 white-hot mat workouts you’ve got to try
Who needs high-tech fitness equipment when you’ve got arms, legs, and a rectangle of space to sweat?

Jamba Juice dusts off its juicers
The chain best known for its frozen fruit and yogurt smoothies is now offering fresh juices across the country (and they’ll save you a few bucks).


New York City is finally getting its own (special) Wanderlust Festival
No savasana ’till Brooklyn.

Refrigerator Look Book: Francois Payard and Fernanda Capobianco
The husband and wife behind Francois Payard Bakery and Vegan Divas have very different approaches to baking. At home, they’re about healthy collaboration.

The most adventurous New Yorkers?
With the debut of OutdoorFest, New Yorkers into rock climbing, hiking, and kayaking (not dinner rezzies or all-night dance parties) can get their fix.

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Rony Vardi
The founder of Catbird, the ultimate cool-girl jewelry boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, shares her own carefully-curated beauty picks.