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The Week’s Top Stories: May 6-12

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Photo: Instagram/@kristenanniebell

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed. 

1. The workout-detox combo that Jennifer Aniston swears by

Looking for an excuse to spend some time in the sauna after your workout? Jen says go for it.

2. 8 signs you have adrenal fatigue (and what to do about it)

Sometimes a nap just won’t cut it.

3. 4 things Kristen Bell taught us about depression

The star reminds us that vulnerability is beautiful, and there’s no shame in talking about mental health.

4. The 5-minute mood-booster workout with Patricia Moreno of IntenSati

Need to let go of stress and connect with your happy place? Try this quickie do-anywhere workout.

5. Goldie Hawn’s Instagram proves she is the ultimate healthy mom

Kate Hudson may get more than just good genes from her mama.