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The Week’s Top Stories: November 6–12

sunscreen-fights-cancerPlaying catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

1. This skin-care product just won a Nobel Prize
These cancer-fighting skin-care products have science—and big-name awards—on their side.

2. 17 healthy drink recipes to help you survive cold season
Because sometimes an apple a day just isn’t enough.

3. The glowing green smoothie that kick-starts Molly Sims’ day
Also, she firmly believes that a.m. cuddle sessions are crucial.

4. 8 things this guru learned about greatness by interviewing the most successful people in the world
And no, being BFFs with Oprah isn’t one of them.

5. This healthy living entrepreneur loads up on healthy condoms, tinted moisturizer, and eye brighteners
A clean living entrepreneur’s beauty obsessions come with ingredient labels you won’t have to examine too closely.