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(Photo: We Heart It)
(Photo: We Heart It)


The 20-something who creates “noodles” out of vegetables
Since starting her site Inspiralized, Ali Maffucci has wooed cooks of all stripes with creative concoctions that turn veggies into noodle-like dishes. You’re next.

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The battle that could put yoga studios out of business
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The New York fitness rebel who says you only need to work out once a week
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Tony Horton takes 7-Eleven’s healthy food options from zero to ripped
Now offered alongside that electric-blue Slurpee at 7-Eleven? Tony Horton Kitchen cold-pressed juices and spicy quinoa salad.

My Five Beauty Obessions: Shiva Rose
The Los Angeles wellness insider says you can get more benefits from beauty products made without chemicals. Here’s are a few of her faves that really prove it.

The complete Los Angeles Healthy City Guide
The best insider places to sweat, spin, and stretch from Santa Monica to Silver Lake and beyond.