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The Week’s Top Stories: September 19–25

(Photo: We Heart It)
(Photo: We Heart It)

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.


We might be seeing the start of a goat’s milk craze
Goat’s milk isn’t just for cheese—or the lactose intolerant—anymore. Why its appeal is growing, from grocery stores to fine-dining kitchens.

How yogis spend their Sundays
Ever wonder what your fave yoga instructor does after class on Sunday? (Hint: not laundry!) Get an inside look at the routines of some very cool yogis.

Tara Stiles is finally making her own rules
In her new book Make Your Own Rules Diet, Stiles reveals the first real look into who the celebrity yogi is behind the label of, well, celebrity yogi.


Booking smart: How Athletes Club, ClassPass, and FitClub compare
These three companies want to make booking boutique fitness classes at a discount as easy as signing up for a gym membership. Here’s how they stack up.

Refrigerator Look Book: Cara Chard
This champion of urban farming has grass-fed butter in every flavor, produce you’ve probably never heard of, and a four-year-old daughter whose favorite food is “weeds.”

Tea is the new coffee: New York City’s first matcha cafe just opened
A shop dedicated to the trendy green tea variety just opened on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg. Who needs espresso, anyway?


Could ‘Souping’ be the new juicing?
The Los Angeles creators of Soupure say “Souping” is the smarter cleanse choice when juices leave you cold.

Beauty detox guru Kimberly Snyder debuts supplements
Good nutrition is key to glowing skin, but according to Kimberly Snyder, it’s only part of the equation…

Best LA Barre Studios
Where to get all the pulsing and plié action you need.