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The Well+Good Healthy Haggadah

Well+Good White House Seder Dinner
At the Obama Seder, arugula is a bitter herb

Why is this post different from all other posts?

Because on Monday night, Well+Good is hosting a Passover Seder, and we’ve invited some seriously high- maintenance guests. Oy gevald! No one’s demanding a raw food Seder with nut-based gefilte fish and coconut Matzoh (paging Sarma Melngailis). But we do have a challenging guest list including two vegans and salt-intolerant and sugar-free eaters. So we’ve modified our Seder Plate, as well as the Four Questions, reprinted here from our “Healthy Haggadah” (Rodale Press, 2014).

Does Manna Bread count as leavened bread?
Well, it has a biblical name, so it’s halfway to kashrut. Plus, it’s the flourless chocolate cake of the bread aisle. And we’re guessing nothing this dense has a speck of any leavening agent.

Does arugula qualify as a bitter herb?
Absolutely. President Obama agrees. It may be custom to dip horseradish (a terrific sinus-clearer), but the Talmud includes Chasa (Romaine lettuce) as a bitter herb, so why not arugula, bubula?

Tofu, nut butter, and carrot "goodforyou" fish

Why on this night is it okay to eat in savasana position?
Little-known fact: the Hebrew were big yogis, by way of the lost tribe of New Delhi. Take traditional Passover “reclining” a notch lower, and encourage your guests to take a nap. Just wake them for the Afikomen aerobics.

If I’m minding my salt intake (thank you, Mr. Bloomberg), may I opt out of dipping my bitter herbs?
It’s fine to dip, since table salt just constitutes 10 percent of your intake. But don’t you dare take a bite of that jarred gefilte fish: there’s 310 mg of sodium in just one piece of Manischewitz Premium Gold.

Want to come to our Seder? Let us know what you’ll be contributing to the Seder Plate!