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The winner of the Solyoga retreat to Iceland is…

yoga in Iceland SolyogaFor the past three weeks, Well+Good readers have had a shot at winning a week-long yoga retreat to Iceland, with Solyoga Trips, and the amazing yoga instructor Aarona Pichinson.

We just selected our winner: It’s April Strickland!

Try not to hate our winner as she enjoys a spate of spicy and inspired daily vinyasa classes, hot-spring soaks, and complimentary food and lodging in supreme Nordic style.

To soften the sting for the rest of you who entered to win, our friends at red flower are gifting ten lucky runners-up a petal-topped Icelandic Moonflower Candle.

The ten runners-up are: Jonathan August, Nicole Theriault, Hannah Mazmainan, Kam Leong, Patricia Rodriguez, Jennifer David, Alexandra Baker, Jennifer D’Cunha, Danielle Johnsen, and Diana Good

Congratulations all! And special thanks to Solyoga Trips, Aarona Pichinson, as well as FlavorPill, Kula Yoga Project, and Red Flower for sharing the word and the love.