There are no men at this new fitness studio, but there is a bar

New York City's newest fitness studio, Uplift, in the Flatiron District, is like a permanent girls' night out—no men and lots of wine.
uplift studios
Katie Currie and Helena Wolin, co-founders of Uplift (with Leanne Shear) celebrate the opening

Another New York fitness studio opened its doors this past weekend, and this one is like a permanent girls’ night out—no men and lots of wine.

Uplift Studios is the first brick-and-mortar location (and new name) for Rogue Female Fitness, the team of women that introduced their happy-hour workout concept last year.

uplift studio
A large window overlooking 23rd Street lets the sun shine in

Their two-room studio on 23rd Street feels especially spring-like, with deep green walls and a huge, sun-welcoming window. If you sit on a stool at the bar (which doubles as the front desk), your feet will graze fake grass.

And now that Uplift has an official home, they’ll be offering much more than their signature “Raise the Bar” workouts, like Pilates Movement Fusion, W0rkit Circuit, and 30-minute express toning classes.

I took a Power Vinyasa class with yogi-boxer Amanda Rose Walsh at the Grand Opening, and the class had my muscles shaking like jello.

After Savasana, I could have used a nice Sancerre. —Lisa Elaine Held

Uplift Studios, 24 W. 23rd St. (between Fifth and Sixth Aves.), 2nd Floor, Flatiron, $32 for a 55-minute class, $18 for a 30-minute class (with discounts for packages),

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