These vitamins have your name written all over them. Literally.

WellPath wants to bring true customization (and ease) to your supplement regimen.
custom WellPath supplements

I’m used to seeing all kinds of crazy labels on vitamin and supplement bottles. Natural! With calcium! Vegan and gluten-free! But here’s one that surprised me: “Lisa Elaine Held!”

But your name is exactly what will be printed on your package that arrives from WellPath, a new company that wants to bring true customization (and ease) to your supplement regimen.

WellPath was launched in August by Colin Darretta, a health-obsessed Goldman Sachs and hedge fund guy who, like many wellness entrepreneurs, felt depleted by the world of investment banking.

Darretta set out to educate himself on which supplements he should be taking and found the process to be headache-inducing. “There’s so much contradictory research out there,” he says. “I kind of threw up my hands in frustration.” And once he did create a routine for himself that he felt matched his health goals, he found himself with a shelf filled with about 30 different pill jars, and 10 different powders, and a morning smoothie routine as complicated as cooking at five-course meal.

WellPath founder Colin Darretta (Photo: WellPath)

“I thought ‘I’m willing to do it this way, but most people wouldn’t be,'” he explains. “There’s got to be a way to take away the amount of time self-educating and not have people walking out of a vitamin shop with 10 huge bags.” So, he worked with nutritionists to develop a questionnaire and algorithm that he hoped would allow each customer to get exactly which nutrients they needed—and Wellpath was born.

Whether you’re in the doubter camp when it comes to the overall usefulness of supplements or a diehard healthy pill popper, WellPath definitely comes with a few points of difference in a world filled with confusing marketing, shady sourcing, and infomercial branding.

The first is that unlike other “personalized” supplement companies that have you answer questions and then funnel you toward pre-existing products, WellPath actually mixes things together for you after you order, creating a unique formula. Darretta is passionate about careful sourcing, using non-GMO and organic ingredients when possible, and providing detailed nutrition facts you can reference online at any time. Also, the packaging is really pretty (bonus!).

The pill bottle (Photo: WellPath)

How it works

You fill out the online questionnaire, answering questions about your body stats, lifestyle, and goals. Based on your answers, the algorithm creates a daily pill regimen and a powder you’re meant to add to smoothies (or just drink in water) each day. Everyone gets the basics—a multi, fish oil, and probiotic, plus some kind of protein base and greens mix in the powder—and everything else is customized to your stats, like whether you’re male or female, interested in weight loss or athletic performance. And it’s cheaper if you sign up for monthly membership ($64.95 for the powder, $49.95 for the pills) as opposed to a one-time delivery ($79.95 and $64.95).

Your powder (Photo: WellPath)

My daily pills came filled with ginkgo biloba because I identified “mental focus” as a priority, for example, and my powder with glutamine because I singled out “athletic performance.” The pills come arranged in a cute weekly box, so you just have to punch out each day into your hand. Although I personally found it really difficult to take all nine that I was given: If I took them all at once, it upset my stomach. If I did it little by little, I forgot.

Darretta says figuring out the right number of supplements is an ongoing process they’re still refining. But, he says, “I know that if someone is compliant and actually commits to taking the product, that’s where they’re going to see the results and feel the difference.” If so, they might never read a supplement label without their own name on it again. —Lisa Elaine Held

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