Get rocking natural makeup for the new year



Get 20 percent off the entire W3LL PEOPLE collection—now through December 31!

W3LL PEOPLE, the glam non-toxic makeup line, is giving you the perfect opportunity to restock, re-invent and re-energize your makeup mojo for the new year!

+ Get Multi-Tasking Cream color sticks that add color to cheeks, eyes, and lips!

+ Load up on Narcissist foundation/concealer sticks that render any complexion youthful and radiant in a few swipes.

+ Snag on-trend standout shades of eye and lip color to take you through spring.

All W3LL PEOPLE cosmetic formulations soothe with aloe, hydrate with omegas, and protect with green tea.

Get 20 percent off the entire W3LL PEOPLE collection now through December 31, 2012, while supplies last!

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