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This Medium has a message: Diana Harris’ Insider’s Guide to Intuition event

Diana Harris intuitive spiritual counselor medium
Diana Harris

Ever have that feeling that you’re not quite on the right path or wonder what your future holds—but you’d never pop into one of those sidewalk psychics? An evening with Diana Harris might be for you.

Harris is one of those people who started off as a communications engineer, took a right (brain) turn toward healing work in her 20s, and found her calling in intuitive counseling and mediumship. Now she’s a more of a communications empath.

Massachusetts-based Harris has a strong following and private client base in New York City. Many seek Harris’s counsel during periods of transition or when they are feeling disconnected from their purpose. (Others work with her to communicate with people or pets they’ve lost.)

Less intimidating than a personal session are Harris’s small group sessions of about 25. During these groups, Harris gives a taste of what her sessions look like and how they can help, making these events ideal for the curious New Yorker and skeptics among us. Plus they’re fun and very insightful, says Michele Lieblich, communications director at the YinOva Center, which is hosting “An Insider’s Guide to Intuition” event with Harris on Friday, March 25. “They always sell out,” says Lieblich. It’s glimpse into the world of mediumship, angels, and intuition.

In a city full of logical thinkers, Harris, a dynamic speaker, has a solid conversion rate of opening New Yorkers up to the power of personal intuition. Are open to being one of them?

An Insider’s Guide to Intuition with Diana Harris, Friday, March 25th 7–9 p.m. at the Yinova Center, 80 E. 11th St., at Broadway, Union Square, New York City, www,

Cost is $40; RSVP to the YinOva Center, 212-533-2255 (credit card payment is required in advance). For more information about Diana Harris, visit or

Sokenbicha Tea and Antidote Chocolate will be served.