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This Week in Wellness: ABC Kitchen at home, senior citizen yogis, and more

Jean-GeorgesWelcome to our weekly roundup of wellness tidbits, healthy hints, and new places and products that caught our eye. Our Page Six!

ABC kitchen in your kitchen. Jean-Georges released a cookbook this week called Home Cooking with Jean-Georges: My Favorite Simple Recipes. We suggest skipping the butter-blanching, but the book holds the keys to recreating some of ABC Kitchen’s amazing veggie-centric recipes at home.

Shorter spinning. SoulCycle announced this week that they’ll be adding a new class, SOUL30, to the schedule at the Union Square location. Taught by Soul-star Kym Perfetto, it will be a condensed 30-minute version of a signature class, offered during lunchtime. Soul will offer 6-class packages for $160, which averages to about $27/class. So you’ll save a little time, and a little cash.

Oldie yogis. A local philanthropist offered to install free exercise equipment in John Jay Park on the Upper East Side this week, DNAinfo reported, but senior citizens are rallying against it. Why? They want to do yoga instead. All they’re asking for is some “soft-ground material” to cushion their practice. Way to keep it simple, seniors.

Mariah Carey

Solar-powered beauty. It’s easy to get sick of a nail color after a few days. This new 3-free polish will keep your color fresh on its own. How? It literally changes color when the sun hits your nails. Bright purple during lunch, office-chic frosty blue once you’re back at your desk.

Celeb diets. FitPerez reported yesterday that Mariah Carey is Jenny Craig’s newest spokesperson. Apparently Carey lost her baby weight by sticking to the packaged foods weight-loss plan.