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Bikram Choudhury is not kidding around when it comes to his yoga sequence. (Photo:


Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

Litigation Pose. Bikram Choudhury (and his size XXL ego) is suing affordable-yoga purveyor Yoga to the People for ripping off Bikram Yoga’s sequence in its Traditional Hot Yoga classes. All that heat has clearly gotten to his head.

Demi’s anti-aging boyfriend. Radar Online reported that just a few weeks after her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has taken up with sketchy skin-care guru, Scott-Vincent Borba, peddler of Skin Balance Gummi Bears. We know Demi likes younger men, but shouldn’t someone tell her his $22 anti-aging cocktails are bogus?

Vegan for foodies. The newest player on the East Village vegan scene, Gingersnaps Organic, is hoping to convince yuppies that vegetables are not just for crazy-healthy hippies.

Park Here
The indoor pop-up park is back!

Beauty boom. While New York women lined up around the block to get their shea butter-fix at L’Occitane’s new flagship boutique, a natural beauty pop-up shop debuted its stellar collection of local indie brands.

Winter picnics. Openhouse Gallery announced that it will be re-opening its indoor pop-up park this Monday, December 5. Now you can add some green to the season’s gray. That is, if winter ever actually comes.

Clergy yoga bashing. The Vatican’s former chief exorcist (a real job title!) announced that “practicing yoga is Satanic.” Really? Really? Well, pigeon pose might be. But as for the rest of it, there are just no words.

Dance while you spin. SoulCycle decided to follow the lead of the yogis around town throwing dance parties by adding a SoulDanceParty class to kick off your Saturday night.

Fitness fights AIDS. To mark World AIDS Day yesterday, Nike released the limited-edition RED collection, part of a campaign to raise awareness and funds to eliminate AIDS in Africa. The funky backpack could be the perfect gift for the sporty guy in your life.