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This Week in Wellness: Jane Fonda’s award, Bethenny’s yoga DVD and more

Jane Fonda
Remember this Jane?

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness tidbits, healthy hints, and new places and products that caught our eye. Our Page Six!

Celeb Fitness Kudos. Jane Fonda announced on her blog this week that Dr. Oz will be presenting her with Shape Magazine’s “Shape Your Life Award” at the end of the month, and she thanked role models like Jack LaLanne and Richard Simmons for inspiring her. We say: She totally deserves it. Who else could make spandex and leg warmers look that good and produce workout videos in their 70s? Yes, she’s 73. We didn’t believe it either.

New Lulu. Yet another temple to sculpting yoga pants opens today, with Lululemon’s new store on Madison and 85th Street. Vital Juice reported that the store will be hosting its inaugural free Sunday yoga class this weekend and a grand opening celebration block party on October 15. Here’s to yet another opportunity for credit card debt.

Bethenny Teaches Yoga? New York’s famous former Housewife spoke to Self about her new workout DVD, Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout. While she did collaborate with New York City yogi Mike McArdle to create the program, we’d prefer be taught yoga by an actual yoga instructor. Just saying.

Traveling Pilates. After four years of teaching Pilates at celeb-stocked five-star resort Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos, Lynda Lippin has relocated to NYC and is teaching at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates. We’re all about stocking the city with power Pilates talent, we just hope our lack of palm trees and ocean breezes doesn’t chase Lippin away.

Speaking of Pilates…Upper East Side boutique studio Sanctuary Pilates and Wellness announced this week that it was expanding with a brand-new mat studio set to debut this coming Monday, October 10. The new space will allow them to add more pre- and post-natal classes to the schedule. Pilates mommies rejoice!

More Dangerous Hair News. In September, the FDA issued a warning letter to the makers of the Brazilian Blowout to reduce formaldehyde levels in the straightening treatment or be yanked off shelves. I guess it wasn’t enforced. Because now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a government agency that protects workers, has cracked down on the hair-smoothing crack for its unsafe levels of formaldehyde and methylene glycol, which affect the health of salon workers. Because whatever your exposure is to the chemicals, theirs is about 40 hours a week more.