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This Week in Wellness: Pumped-up Pandora, apple juice arsenic, and more

Dr. Oz
Dr. Oz is on the defensive. (Photo: via Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness tidbits, healthy hints, and new places and products that caught our eye. Our Page 6!

Dr. Oz vs. the FDA. On Tuesday, Dr. Oz announced on his show that he had tested several brands of apple juice and found dangerous levels of arsenic in them. The FDA immediately called him out on the info, saying they had tested the brands and everything was safe, and also pointing out a differentiation between arsenic from pesticides and naturally occurring arsenic. Since we haven’t had a chance to sift through the evidence, we’d say stick with organic brands. Or, better yet, grab a green juice instead.

Pumped-up Pandora. Sick of spending hours curating the perfect treadmill playlist? This week, Pandora introduced new workout stations to stream while you sweat.

Union Square yoga explosion. We just got word that a new studio called Bija Yoga will be opening in early October on 17th Street between Union Square West and 5th Avenue. We’ll fill you in on all the details ASAP, but just an observation: Union Square is quickly becoming NYC’s yogic core. Go ahead, count them: Jivamukti, Om, Yoga Vida, ISHTA, The Shala, Bikram, Yogaworks…

Kathryn Budig
Kathryn Budig's brand-new DVD

Get in the games. This Saturday’s Fitness Magazine Mind, Body + Spirit Games in Central Park should really be called The Biggest Loser Games—Trainer Bob will be joined by winner Olivia Ward and her runner-up sister Hannah Curlee to kick off men’s, women’s, and kid’s races throughout the day. Over 5,000 people are expected to pack the park.

Close your eyes. Practicing blindfolded may have just hit the yoga scene last month, but it’s already taking off. Pure Yoga is adding classes to their schedule at the end of this month (complete with Pure-branded blindfolds), and ABC News turned the camera on the phenomenon this week as well.

Aim True Yoga. Beloved West Coast teacher and yoga-foodie Kathryn Budig announced the release of a new Gaiam yoga DVD this week. The DVD sounds like it’s aimed at yoga newbies, with a 25-minute beginner’s sequence and a workshop where Budig breaks down poses into simple, easy-to-follow steps.