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Tara and Deepak Yoga TransformationsWelcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

Dream-team DVDs. Tara Stiles and her most famous student, Deepak Chopra, officially launched their “Yoga Transformation” DVDs this Tuesday. One’s on weight loss, the other’s on strength and energy (pictured here). If you buy a copy and send Stiles the receipt, you can win a yoga private with her via Skype.

Baldwin needs a breather. Yoga-teacher-dater Alec Baldwin was had an angry in-flight meltdown on Tuesday. Perhaps he needs a primer in pranayama from his girlfriend? Often just a class with her leaves us feeling pretty spent and chill…

Polluting jackets. Remember when we told you that your face scrub may be made of environmentally-awful microplastic particles? Your jacket might also be shedding them all over the place, and polluting the oceans, according to Grist.

Vacation deprivation. A study released by Expedia confirmed a sad (but somewhat obvious) truth: Americans need more vacation time, and money. But, chin up! We may be better at relaxing, once we do tune out.

Didgeridoo meditation. Didgeridoo music phenomenon, The Didge Project, is all over town this month. Catch the sound at an evening of restorative yoga and Reiki with Get Your Dance On’s Natasha Blank at Om Factory on December 11 or at the group’s album release party on December 16.

Obesity is the new smoking. Not to be depressing, but the latest report card on Americans’ health said that for every person who quit smoking in 2011, another became obese. Perhaps said people need some wellness advice from a trusted source? We know just the one.