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Tracy Anderson
Tracy and her new shake

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

Tracy Anderson shakes. Celeb trainer, and creator of the $900 monthly gym membership and Metamorphosis DVDs, launched her “Perfect Performance Wellness Formula Shake” this week.

Manduka does clothing. The mat and prop purveyor moved into the apparel business this week with new organic cotton tanks and tees that feature inspirational yogic messages. We wonder if other brands (hello Jade?) will follow suit in outfitting your practice from head to mat.

Vegan chefs compete? We spotted Chopped’s casting director checking out popular Brooklyn vegan chef  Matteo Silverman. When he refused to compete unless animal products were scoured from the pantry, she suggested a possible vegan season. We’ll watch!

Holy yogi! The man who taught us all about proper alignment and props, B.K.S. Iyengar, turned 93 on Wednesday. Someone at the Guinness Book may need to double check that oldest-yoga-teacher record.

Watch the diet. FitPerez reported that Jay-Z is supporting his fab wife during her pregnancy by adopting a “partially vegan diet” with her until the baby’s born. Now that’s a gentlemanly (and healthy!) gesture you’d never see from Kanye.