This Week in Wellness: Wanderlust 2012, the bad boy of Buddhism, and more

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news—Our Page Six!
Shiva Rea Wanderlust
Shiva Rea is one Wanderlust favorite who will be back this year. (Photo Credit: Carl Kerridge for Wanderlust)


Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news—Our Page Six!

Summer yoga forecast. Wanderlust announced its 2012 lineup this week, including a new festival in Copper Mountain, Colorado. Expect the usual-suspect list of top-tier yogis, as well as an expanded roster of mainstream musicians, like Ziggy Marley and Ani DiFranco.

The bad boy of Buddhism. A new film, Crazy Wisdom, is screening at the Rubin Museum tomorrow. It follows the story of a famous Tibetan lama who “openly drank and bedded his students.” Umm…what’s more interesting than that?

Deen’s diabetes. Paula Deen. The Today Show. Diabetes. Drug spokesperson. Angry Anthony Bourdain. Is there anything you haven’t heard yet in this story line?

The scent of a yoga mat. Yogi-psychologist Ashley Turner launched her first book this week, Aroma Yoga, a guide for using essential oils in your practice. That’s good news for your relaxation, and your sweaty stench.

Spring Street Natural
Spring Street Natural is a New York City institution that's about to open a second location

Refine expands. The popular Upper East Side boutique fitness studio, The Refine Method, is opening a new location in Union Square, and it’s four times the size of the uptown original.

Mats multiply. There are so many new yoga studios in New York, we had to make a slideshow. And all six bring something new to the already-saturated scene.

Lotus blooms. Laughing Lotus is launching three brand-new classes this February: Inversion-heavy Lotus FLY, Slow Jam’s Galore, and Lounging Lotus.

Spring Street Natural. The organic Soho-meets-Nolita landmark will debut its second location on the Upper West Side in just a few days. And hey, it only took them 40 years.

Bottle makeover. Organic Avenue swapped out its squat bottles temporarily for tall, skinny ones. We’re hoping they decide to stick with this much-easier-to-drink-from version.

Tiny yogis. Popular kids yoga studio, Yogi Beans, announced that it will be opening a new studio this March on Lexington Avenue between 72nd and 73rd Streets. The opening will truly be a grand one for New York children and their parents—all classes are free for the first month.

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