This Week in Wellness: Yoga at SoulCycle, “self-righteous vegetarians” and more

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

Welcome to our weekly roundup of wellness news we’ve spotted and reported throughout the week. Our Page Six!

Hilaria Thomas Baldwin poses for the camera—the yoga way
Hilaria Thomas Baldwin created a summer yoga class for SoulCycle East Hampton (Photo: Daily Beast)

Should marathoners add wine to the list of training foodsA new study completed by the Journal of Physiology proves that Reservatrol, the powerful anti-oxidant found in grape skin, could boost endurance capacity.

Speaking of booze, Skinnygirl Margarita, just survived its first dispositive motion ruling in a class-action suit. The suit alleges the beverage falsely claimed to be “an all-natural and preservative-free healthy alternative” when it contains sodium benzoate, a chemical preservative that “can be carcinogenic when mixed with citric acid in the lime juice commonly added to margaritas.”

Sustainable chef extraordinaire of Stone Barns, Dan Barber made a few enemies after he told vegetarians to get off their high horse and admit that their diets are just as guilt-ridden as a meat-eater’s. “Butchering and eating animals may not be called kindness, but eating soy burgers that rely on pesticides and fertilizers precipitates destruction, too,” he said. Happy Fourth!

Yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas Baldwin won’t be taking much time off to celebrate her newlywed status. The new Mrs. Baldwin created a 45-minute SoulYoga class for SoulCycle in East Hampton that will counteract all the tightness formed during a spin class. It’s unlikely to counteract all the paparazzi sure to be there this weekend when the class debuts.

Back in Manhattan at Yoga Vida, the studio home of the new Mrs. Baldwin (who is slated to return mid-August), yogis will now be able to enjoy bottled green juices from East Village juice landmark, Liquiteria, after savasana at Yoga Vida, starting Monday.

Some else is singing the Spice Girls (key totally optional) while you’re hitting your sun salutations: Karaoke yoga debuts at Equinox LA. Need we say more? (Yes, we do. Please no, not in New York!)

Another diet pill is approved by the FDA. Belviq (originally known as Lorcaserin) hits pharmacies this week. It’s the first prescription diet pill to be approved by the FDA in over a decade. Next we’d like researchers to put Barry’s Bootcamp and BluePrint Cleanse’s Kale Salad in a pill. Actually, no we wouldn’t.

The Surf Lodge in Montauk has been hard at work improving their holistic image. They’ve just added JustBe Skincare facials and massages—perfect post-SLT workout on the dock.

On August 16, 100,000 yogis will take over Central Park’s Great Lawn for GLBL Yoga’s giant yoga class. But the “free” event is sparking criticism with its attempt to raise $675,000 to fund the big-name teachers and DJs.

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