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This weekend, forage for your dinner in Brooklyn

The Farm on Adderley and The Locavore's Handbook's Leda Meredith host a Wild Edible Plant and Mushroom Hunting walk through Prospect Park and a dinner.
Leda Meredith leads foraging tours in Prospect Park. (Photo Credit: Kethevane Gorjestani for

Looking to add some local city flavor to your salads? Like, really local?

This weekend, the Farm on Adderley is sponsoring a Wild Edible Plant and Mushroom Hunting walk through Prospect Park, led by edible plant expert Leda Meredith, the author of The Locavore’s Handbook.

Apparently, Prospect Park is a veritable bounty of produce. You can expect to find burdock root (gobo), chickweed, Asiatic dayflower, sorrel, and maybe even oyster and porcini mushrooms. (Half-eaten McDonald’s cheeseburgers discarded on the path don’t count.)

Then, since you’ll probably work up an appetite ogling all of those free-range pigeons, the tour ends with a foraging-inspired meal at The Farm.

Sunday, October 7 at noon, $80 for the foraging trip and dinner. To book, write [email protected] or visit