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Fall throws Pin It
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2017 might clock in as the second-hottest year on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, but cooler temperatures are on the way. When they finally arrive, few household items —aside from slipper shoes, potentially—will be more in demand than cozy throw blankets.

There’s a reason people like to wrap themselves in swaths of warm fabrics and it goes all the way back to the idea of a childhood security blanket. Research has shown that up to 60 percent of children had a comfort object. So, from a young age, you’re taught to consider these objects as signs of safety. While, as an adult, I might not turn to “blankie,” the thought of coming home to a big fluffy throw at the end of a hard day definitely makes my stress levels plummet.

Throws also liven up a room by introducing new textures and colors into the space (an easy upgrade given how much time you’ll be spending indoors over the next six months). So, even if it looks more like July where you live than October—here’s looking at you, Los Angeles—winter is coming, and there’s no time like the present to prepare.

Nest up with these 7 cost-friendly throw blankets.

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Blankets are priority number one when it comes to cozying up for cold temps, but don’t forget loungewear, pajamas, palo santo, and this unexpected bath-time product, too.