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The Week’s Top Stories: May 20-26

Kate Hudson workouts
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Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

1. 9 reasons you’re bloated (that have nothing to do with your diet)

Sitting at your desk all day slows your GI tract way down. Time for a lap around the office….

2. 6-minute lower body workout with Dagmara Lometti of Barry’s Bootcamp

Bring on the #legday memes.

3. Kate Hudson’s guide to a workout for every mood

The super-fit actress has intel on the perfect sweat session, whether you need to blow off some steam or feel your power.

4. The hidden allergies that could be causing you serious distress

If you can’t sleep or are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, allergies may be to blame.

5. The 3 natural products that beauty guru Shirley Pinkson dubs “a killer anti-aging cocktail”

The natural makeup maven’s morning routine is about way more than just her (beautiful) skin.