Top natural beauty tips from our Twitter Chat with W3LL PEOPLE

Today, makeup maestro Shirley Pinkson joined us for a Twitter Chat to answer your most burning natural beauty questions. Here are the highlights.

NATURAL MAKEUP W3LL PEOPLE Cleaner mascaras to getting coverage from mineral makeup—these are just a couple of topics we tackled on #DetoxYourMakeup, our natural beauty Twitter Chat. We teamed up with W3LL PEOPLE‘s cofounder and makeup maetro Shirley Pinkson, formerly of NARS, to answer your most burning natural beauty questions.

Pinkson gave great tips, answered hard questions, and recommended some of her favorite natural beauty products. Check out some of the hot topics and highlights from our Chat below:

Q: @KatrinevanWyk: Is there a good clean mascara out there?

A: @W3LLPEOPLE: Yes! My personal favorite is from Honey Bee Gardens.

Q: @eathere2: When switching to natural makeup, is there a product I should start with—e.g. lipstick vs. foundation? 

A: @W3LLPEOPLE: Hands down, foundation! If your skin looks good, everything else falls into place.

Q: @Rosa_Rocker: My skin tone is uneven—can you get as much coverage from mineral foundation? 

A: @W3LLPEOPLE: YES. Start with an overall moderate application. Then use your kabuki like a powder puff and press where needed.

A: For small imperfections, use a concealer brush. The powder visually ‘flattens’ a blemish because it’s matte.

Q: @katarinaNYC: What ingredients should I avoid when choosing makeup? 

A: @W3LLPEOPLE: Hands down, parabens. Also keep an eye out for fillers and avoid bismuth oxychloride at any cost—it’s a heavy metal mineral that can cause irritation and breakouts. Gross fact: it’s related to arsenic!

Q: @EmilyArnow: What beauty products tend to have the most toxins—e.g. lipstick vs. foundation?

A: @W3LLPEOPLE: Both can contain toxins—parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and even lead in lipstick.

We’ll be continuing the natural beauty chat at our Runway to Everyday event with W3LL PEOPLE at Henri Bendel in October. Hope to see you there!

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