Tracy Anderson’s Tribeca studio looks for a larger home

Tracy Anderson’s Tribeca studio where members pay $900 a month is for sale. When we saw the space listed on Street Easy for nearly $4 million dollars we immediately assumed that Ms. Anderson’s gym had gone taut-belly-up. I mean, are people really lining up to spend $12,000 a year on gym fees? We know celebrities like Edie Falco, Jessica Seinfeld and, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow (Anderson’s business partner) love the Tracy Anderson Method. But are there really enough civilians to keep the place in business? Apparently yes. Well+Good called the studio yesterday and was told by a manager named Jason that in fact there was a wait list and that they’re currently looking for a location twice the size elsewhere in Tribeca.

You can see the current 3,400-square-foot space here. The space can be delivered vacant, says the broker, though we bet you could negotiate to have the resistance ceiling bands left in situ. This has the makings of the ultimate home gym.

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