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Train for the NYC triathlon by cycling on a simulated course


If you’re tackling your first triathlon in the city this July, here’s one way to reduce the element of surprise: Attach your bike to a gadget that simulates the actual cycling course.

Machines at the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers, called CompuTrainers, allow you to do just that. After you clip in your bike, you’ll start learning the course visually, via a video, and committing it to muscle memory as the elevation and resistance changes with the course.

Plus, the CompuTrainer will give you personal stats on speed, heart rate, and wattage, so that you can track your progress and pace yourself on the day of the actual race.

As for the other two legs of your triple threat race, you’ll have to prep for those on your own. Simulating the Hudson River will be a little bit more of a challenge.