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Training Camp heads indoors for the holidays

Holly Rilinger Training Camp

Popular fitness instructor Holly Rilinger is moving her popular Training Camp indoors for the holiday season. This way you can get ripped without getting frostbite—or worse, not doing Training Camp at all.

Rilinger’s four-week Training Camp sessions are becoming as hot as her classes at Flywheel. But the former usually takes place in New York parks, which are getting pretty cold this time of year. “My students were bummed when our fall session ended, so I promised them I’d look for an indoor space,” said Rilinger on a call, while packing for her fitness retreat in the Caribbean.

Now, at a 1,000 square-foot studio in Chelsea (“with a booming sound system”), Rilinger will lead her signature boot-camp-style drills with tons of encouragement, clapping sections, and “dancing water breaks.”

You’ll be using the jump ropes, resistance bands, and may even learn a little martial arts in this Camp, says the 5’4 dynamo and former pro basketball player.

Classes will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.

Rilinger currently hosts Training Camp in New York City, the Hamptons in summer, and at two annual Destination Training Camp retreats at resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.  —Melisse Gelula

Holiday Indoor Training Camp, Tuesday, November 27–Thursday, December 20, 271 W. 23rd St. (Professional Tae Kwon Do), Chelsea,