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Taking your workout clothes with you takes extra bags.

Ever stare into your tiny carry-on bag the night before a trip and wonder how the heck you’re going to get your workout shoes and clothes into it along with everything else you need?

Traveling should not cause you to fall off the fitness wagon. But it can.

Interestingly we’ve noticed big-name hotels are taking up the slack of airline baggage restrictions by lending you everything from running shoes to workout bras.

Last month Fairmont Hotels and Resorts announced a partnership with Reebok as part of its “Fairmont Fit” program, which will you to get fitness apparel and footwear delivered directly to your room.

Now, at 190 Westin Hotels around the world, you can borrow New Balance sneakers with disposable insoles (love that option!) and variety of workout clothes, from sports bras to capris, for a $5 charge. You can also access in-room fitness equipment.

The Four Seasons in San Francisco just announced a Runner’s Concierge Program, which provides running gear, Gu Chomps and Jelly Belly Sports Beans, and post-run remedies for making it up all those hills, like ice baths and massages.

A post-workout massage?  Here’s to still feeling like you’re getting away. —Carla Vass