Say hello to Trumpbuster—the easiest way to avoid any unwanted photos

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If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by your news feed since November 8—not to mention the months before that—you’re not alone.

But, as much as it would be nice to just check out and pretend you’re on an amazing wellness retreat in Bali or watch the new Gilmore Girls on repeat, avoiding the news altogether isn’t an option. With jaw-dropping developments happening daily as President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take the oath of office in January, that would leave you less-than-informed during a time when—especially if you’re a woman—you need to pay attention.

Enter Trumpbuster, a new downloadable Chrome extension that blocks out images of Trump on all websites. Why? After learning that calls to sexual assault and rape hotlines spiked over 30 percent after the release of the infamous Access Hollywood video, the creator of the app—who wishes to remain anonymous—wanted to address what she saw as a potential trigger for survivors: Trump’s face.

“Staying informed and on top of the news has become almost like a minefield—and I wanted to help.”

“I just started to think about the survivors who now have to see the person who boasted about sexually assaulting women not only hold the highest position of power in the world, but be in the news day after day—what does that image of him do to them psychologically?” she says. “Staying informed and on top of the news has become almost like a minefield—which it shouldn’t be—and I wanted to help.”

Although designed with survivors in mind, Trumpbuster is for anyone who may have a visceral reaction to the president-elect’s visage, she explains. “People should be able to keep up their normal day-to-day routines of news browsing—limiting the sites you visit only perpetuates the disempowerment you might be feeling.” But, in an effort to avoid this turning into an internet meme or joke, she kept it simple—just a plain, black square will cover any photos that feature Trump.

Photo: Trumpbuster

Available for 99 cents in the Google Chrome Web Store, the extension is donating all proceeds to RAINN—the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. “Some people spent the campaign laughing at the prospect of a Trump presidency, but this entire election process was never a joke for survivors. And—in the context of that surge of phone calls to hotlines—it’s even more clear how necessary those organizations are. So if this extension could act as another resource while also giving back to the support system already in place, it’s a win-win.”

While Trumpbuster works on all sites browsed on your desktop computer through Google Chrome (yes, even on Slack!), it doesn’t work on mobile—at least not yet.

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