Two natural beauty products to save your winter skin

Is winter causing you major skin woes? Try these natural beauty solutions to get back your glow.
Winter product reviews

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This winter has had some bitter cold days, even in my beloved and typically mild Bay Area. Sitting next to my portable heater while working/blogging on my laptop was really doing a number on my skin. I started to incorporate some oils that are heavier than my usual argan, but still it wasn’t quite enough, even with plenty of hydrating on the inside. Although I had previously rejected the oil cleansing method as not the right thing for me, I thought maybe it was time for a seasonal change in my regimen. I took a short trip to the ultra-dry Lake Tahoe for my son’s hockey tournament, and between the outdoors and the cold/dry rink, the life was getting sucked right out of my face. But I was prepared, and came home looking better than when I left.

So what’s making the difference? Three things: coconut oil, a new balm, and a cream I’d forgotten about.

There’s been plenty of mention of the oil cleansing method (OCM) on this blog—where instead of using a regular cleanser, you rub in an oil and wipe it off using a warm washcloth. I started by trying coconut oil, and had some success. It feels wonderfully soothing on my skin, and easily takes off the mineral makeup I wear on a typical day. But I still needed something more…

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