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Two new juice bars open in New York

More cold-pressed kale will be available in Williamsburg and the Financial District, thanks to new Juice Press and Terri locations.

juice bars nyc

It’s getting easier and easier to grab a green smoothie or vegan wrap.

At the end of March, Terri, the go-to juice bar and vegan cafe in Chelsea (next to New York Health & Racquet), opened the doors to its second store, on 100 Maiden Lane, at Pearl Street, in the Financial District.

The expansion marks the start of more growth to come, says general manager Tomer Versano. “We want to be all over [the city]. Hopefully within the year we’ll open a third location.”

And, on Monday, April 15, powerhouse brand Juice Press will continue its rapid expansion with the debut of its first Brooklyn location, on 144 North 8th Street in Williamsburg, between Bedford and Berry Streets.

Both of the openings are bringing cold-pressed kale to neighborhoods that are underserved on the scene. Both feature a boutique store—Tiny Empire in Williamsburg and Magic Mix Juicery in the FiDi—but no big guns like Organic Avenue or Juice Generation.

That’s not for lack of demand. “Ever since we opened we’ve been doing very well. Lunch rushes have been crazy,” Versano says. “There’s a line out the door.” —Lisa Elaine Held