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Kris Carr and Gabby Bernstein
Attendees shared photos and inspiration with the hashtag #crazysexymiracles. (Photo: Instagram/erinnweatherbie)

Last Friday night, a whopping 900 New Yorkers and visitors (and about 1,000 more streaming live from around the world) gathered at the 92Y for Crazy Sexy Miracles, a night of collaborative inspiration from dynamic wellness duo Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr.

The New York Times best-selling authors addressed the audience—primarily young women who enjoy clutching both designer purses and yoga mats—from two armchairs bathed in a warm orange-purple glow, their patterned dresses and sky-high heels mirroring each other across a table set with pink roses.

“What led you to the seat tonight? What made you show up? What are you ready to clear, release, receive, elevate, magnetize?” asked Bernstein, during a centering meditation to kick off the night. “What are you ready for?”

Bernstein and Carr then each tapped her own expertise to hit a wide range of topics meant to launch attendees into a healthy, balanced year—from creating a spiritual tool box to relationship and business advice, all sprinkled with anecdotes and humor. (Example: Don’t Instagram your breakfast if it makes your significant other mad. It’s just not worth it.)

In case you missed it, we boiled down the bits of inspiration to bring you these two simple, actionable takeaways for your own fabulous 2015.

1. Let go of the noise. When the noise in your mind is dragging you down (deadlines! subway delays! relationship drama!), Bernstein says to take the time to practice “the holy instant,” a teaching from the spiritual text A Course in Miracles, which inspires a lot of her own teaching. That means taking a moment to recognize you have the capacity to release the noise (through meditation, movement, or tapping, for instance). “Take the crazy; hand it over on a platter,” Bernstein says. As in, picture yourself handing it over to a higher power, offering it to the universe to deal with so you can get on with your day.

2. Polish your energy. “We are energy beings,” Carr says, and just like your immune system needs citrus, your energy needs taking care of, to keep it light and bright. Carr recommends being mindful of the energy you’re taking in, which could mean unplugging from your devices or unfollowing a Facebook friend who’s constantly bringing you down, and also constantly checking in with the energy you’re putting out (gossiping and complaining, for instance, are not going to help). And if you feel stuck, “Move your body. Changing your physical state changes your mental state,” she says. Now that’s a recommendation we can definitely get behind. —Miriam Ava

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