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Uptown Pilates
Uptown Pilates (Photo Credit: Jay Sullivan for Uptown Pilates)


Uptown Pilates may have a bit of an identity crisis this spring when it opens its third New York City studio—downtown.

The high-end studio, which has locations on the Upper East and Upper West Sides (and in Sag Harbor), is planning to open by April in the West Village, right next door to the soon-to-open Barre3 and Liquiteria.

Since it debuted in 2004, Uptown has been the go-to Pilates spot for Manhattan’s northern residents, and about a year ago, founder Mika Street sold the company to siblings Adam and Meredith Drushal, who say they realized quickly that a location south of Midtown was in order. Then, they discovered the space with like-minded neighbors, and it felt like destiny. “This type of ‘wellness hub’ fell into our laps; it was the perfect opportunity to get downtown,” Meredith says.

The new studio will be almost identical to the brand’s other locations with the same private session and class offerings, prices, and inviting, spa-like vibe. “Mika built an amazing, luxury brand, and we’ve tried to maintain the same atmosphere,” she says. And yes, the name will also stay the same, despite any potential for geographic confusion. —Lisa Elaine Held

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