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Photo: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

When Victoria Beckham was 20 years old, she joined a little girl-power band you may have heard of. Now, 20-some years later, it’s clear why the Spice Girl has been spotted rocking her PJs in public.

Beckham may not have prioritized taking time to sleep during her twenties (she was too busy spicing up your life, duh), and now shut-eye is something she would do just about anything to get a little more of.

“Sleep as much as you can because once you have children, you’re never going to get that much sleep again,” is what Beckham told Byrdie she wishes she could tell her 20-year-old self.

“Sleep as much as you can because once you have children, you’re never going to get that much sleep again.”

Sure, being a night owl in your twenties is fun, but considering that skimping on sleep can make you grumpy, affect your decision-making skills, cause depression, and lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, it’s definitely not a practice to make a habit of.

So listen to Posh Spice, and enjoy a solid night of zzz’s while you still can…because life happens, and before you know it, a full night of beauty rest could quickly become just a dream. (Speaking of dreams, can someone please figure out once and for all what the heck a “zigazig ah” is? Nope? Fine—a solid night of sleep will do.)

Victoria Beckham’s wellness commandments will help you live your poshest, healthiest life. And if you’re looking to switch up your morning workout, she has some advice for that, too.