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With all the juice bars, boutique fitness studios, and meditation spaces in New York City, it’s basically a wellness mecca (not to brag). But finding a place to stay with healthy in-house food and solid workout options? Not so simple.

Of course, that all got easier with the arrival of EVEN® Hotels. And now, with a shiny new location in Midtown East, it’s even easier.

Here’s the 411: EVEN® Hotels is basically your wellness command center in the middle of the concrete jungle. Steps away from Grand Central Station and Park Avenue, it allows you to experience the excitement of NYC—and still maintain your equilibrium in the process.

Need serious whole foods to power you through a long day of exploring the city on foot? The in-house bar and kitchen has you covered with protein-boosted smoothies, steel-cut oatmeal, and gluten-free options like buckwheat waffles. And when you come back hangry, veggie burgers, kale salads, and organic cocktails will be waiting.

BTW, if you’re in town for business or need to stay plugged in, the stand-up desks in your room and dedicated work spaces (plus fast wifi) will be your best friends.

Photo: EVEN® Hotels
Photo: EVEN® Hotels

Oh, and did we mention there’s an in-room training zone (stocked with resistance bands, exercise balls, and streaming workout videos) in every guest room? Plus a comprehensive gym for when you really want to get in a sweat sesh.

And after hitting the coolest shops, museums, and shows in town—and maybe even dropping in on a meditation studio or practicing with one of the city’s top yogis—a spa-like shower and natural eucalyptus-fiber bedding await you back at your room. Wellness vacay: upgraded.

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Top photo: EVEN® Hotels