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Photo: Instagram/@viviennewestwood

Vivienne Westwood has a rep for being just as playful as her designs. One thing’s for sure: Age certainly hasn’t slowed her down a bit. At 76, she’s just as spunky as ever. So, what’s her secret? Double doses of collagen? Yoga? Sleeping 10 hours a night? Actually, it’s a lot more simple.

“She only takes a bath every week. That’s why she looks so radiant.”

According to The Guardian, when a reporter asked Westwood what her secret was to looking so youthful at her Paris Fashion Week show, her reply was simply, “Don’t wash too much.” Her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, revealed, “She only takes a bath every week. That’s why she looks so radiant.” Okay, now that’s one beauty hack that’s definitely doable.

“I just wash my bits and rush out in the morning,” Westwood went on. Hey, anything to skip the grueling chore of blow-drying your hair.

And if you think limiting bathing to once a week is impressive, Kronthaler will really wow you: He says he only bathes once a month!

Intrigued? Here’s what happens when you stop washing your hair. And while we’re on the subject of bathing, it’s time to settle an important debate: Is it better to use a body wash or a bar of soap?