Want to help Tara Stiles design a yoga line for Reebok?

The celeb yogi is launching a line of yoga clothes for Reebok, and you can offer your input on fit and function at an upcoming yoga class–focus group.

Tara Stiles, ReebokEveryone’s favorite “yoga rebel,” Tara Stiles, is launching her own line of yoga clothes for Reebok in 2013, and she wants your help designing it now.

The sports apparel company is hosting a focus group on August 16, for yogis who regularly take her “Strong” classes, where “you will be asked questions on the Strong class, your lifestyle, fitness apparel, and other topics.” (Details on how to participate here.)

Which, we have to say, is kind of awesome, because you can weigh in on things like the fact that taking most sports bras off requires the Jaws of Life and yoga pants should not come with a mandatory “camel toe.”

As for details that have already been decided, Stiles is staying mum except to say that the collection is “super soft, fun, cool, easy, and the fit is really really great!” It sounds like the clothes will reflect her method and personality perfectly—with maybe just a hint of yours woven in for detail.

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