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iPhone in water glass might cause the same damage as working out with itTurns out that breaking a sweat is good for your health but potentially fatal for the device you’ve been using for everything from your running music to tracking your distance and tuning out the CNN talking heads at the gym. A flurry of news and consumer review cites are reporting that “water damage of your iPhone may occur during activities as mundane as going for a jog.” Even sweaty palms may cause the same short circuiting as your iPhone taking an accidental dive from your back pocket into the toilet.

Last year a California man filed a class action suit against Mac for sweat damage to his iPod Shuffle, when a bead of sweat traveled down his headphones and into the gadget. Water damage isn’t covered by iPod or iPhone warranties, so, especially as temperatures climb, consider sheathing your iPhone in something waterproof. Wellington Boots for iPhone? ZipLock for iPhone? Trojan for iPhone?