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Former Marine Ruben Belliard deserves a dishonorable discharge from the fitness world

Former Marines Ruben Belliard and Alex Fell, creators of Warrior Fitness, proved themselves Captains of one thing: Shady Business.

When we tried out Warrior Fitness—a Marine-style group fitness experience—a few months ago, something didn’t sit right. We got the fitness version of food poisoning, but we didn’t know what ingredient had tainted the soup.

We never wrote about the experience on Well+Good because to us their drill sergeant shtick seemed played out and predictable, and they weren’t particularly good instructors. Plus the showers smelled moldly. We weren’t about to send Well+Good readers there.

Turns out, a body larger than us—the law—was drawing up papers for their dishonorable discharge from the fitness world.

Belliard and Fell have been ordered to pay their old boss Lauren Brenner, the founder of Pure Power Boot Camp, nearly $250,000 in damages. The duo “stole documents from Brenner’s private office and personal computer, including PPBC business plan, start up manual and operations manual,” says Federal Magistrate Theodore H. Katz. “Belliard also stole a folder with employment agreements of PPBC employees, including his own, and destroyed those agreements. In addition, Belliard, without permission, downloaded a copy of Pure Power’s confidential customer list onto a thumb drive.”

This is the wellness world’s own Watergate.

Have you ever worked out at Warrior Fitness? If so, what did you think? Given this news, would you ever try it—no matter how good the Groupon deal?